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5月8日,佛罗伦萨,罗马的圣基亚蒂诺·安蒂科·达·巴比罗尼亚:艺术报,自然艺术,利博纳·德尔·贾尔迪诺·迪波波利–2007年10月28日,由Annamaria Ciarallo,Ernesto De Carolis,Giovanni di Pasquale和Fabrizio Paolucci策展。

罗马巴比洛尼亚大区:自然科学,自然科学, 由Giovanni di Pasquale和Fabrizio Paolucci编辑。 Pp。 352,无花果350.莱拉霍恩·西拉贝,2007年。€35. ISBN 978-88-8347-385-2(纸)。

展览, 从巴比伦到罗马的古彩票app下载官网下载, mounted at 的Boboli Gardens of 的Palazzo Pitti in Florence, consists of two parts. 的 first is set in 的Limonaia, a covered rectangular space designed by Zanobi del Rosso 和 built ca. 1778 as winter housing for 的Boboli Gardens’许多柠檬树种在花瓶里(fig. 1)。 1966年11月4日,佛罗伦萨发生大水灾之后,柠檬酒被用作紧急储藏室,用于等待保护的木板上许多渍水的绘画。自建房以来’柠檬树于2005年恢复使用,在夏季月份将柠檬树移到户外时用于临时展览。展览的第二部分是室外活动,是从庞贝城的两座房屋中全面改造围场彩票app下载官网下载:维蒂之屋和画家作品之屋(fig. 2)。


对于一个相对较小的展览来说,这似乎是一个雄心勃勃的程序,但是它明智地选择了重要的例子,对象,墙体文本以及计算机和技术展示的组合,非常适合在没有专家的情况下经济地绘制古代彩票app下载官网下载的重要方面知识。我与之交谈的那些参观者对装置和策展人选择给予了积极的反馈。虽然专家可能会发现展览中的主题没有得到深度处理而感到失望,但总可以转向目录。庞贝和赫库兰尼姆监管局出色的现代模型和重建以及储藏室中的物品通常不被展出,这使本次展览成为所有参观者的有益体验。著名的作品包括大理石 振荡 from 的House of 的Golden Lovers;1 a selection of 的marble statues uncovered in 的luxurious villa at Oplontis, which may have belonged to Poppea, wife of Nero; 和 的bronze fountain in 的shape of 的Lernaean Hydra from 的pool of 的palaestra in Herculaneum.2 Moreover, 的experience is enhanced by 的exceptional setting of 的Boboli Gardens, a Renaissance interpretation of classical gardens. 的 dialectic between 的exhibit proper 和 的contextualization offered by 的Boboli Gardens, which are embellished by Roman statuary collected by 的Medici family, richly enhances 的visitor’经验在古代彩票app下载官网下载里表演几乎没有更好的环境。

This exhibition offers a good balance of printed information, objects, 和 audiovisual material. However, 的long 和 relatively narrow space of 的Limonaia is divided in half to guide 的visitor through an elliptical itinerary, 和 this imposes space constraints that make it particularly difficult, when 的exhibition is crowded, to view 的objects, wall panels, 和 computer screens or to hear their audio narrations. However, there were few visitors when I saw 的show, 和 的experience was completely enjoyable.

室内部分分为三个部分:(1)“美索不达米亚:彩票app下载官网下载的诞生,” (2) “The Greek World: 的 Gardens of 的Gods 和 Philosophers,” 和 (3) “罗马世界:从中心到外围。” This last, 的largest section, focuses 上 的suburban gardens 和 parks of Rome, 的霍蒂 (the center), 和 的gardens of 的Vesuvian region (the periphery). 的 visitor’s itinerary begins with a brief reference to Egypt, 的location of 的first gardens known to have been created by men. Here, 的wall text is complemented by a real papyrus plant in a pond 和 by projected images that evoke 的Egyptian world.

关于美索不达米亚的部分虽然很小,但很好地突出了苏美尔和亚述文明与彩票app下载官网下载有关的基本方面,相应的目录文章详细介绍了展览所涉及的要点。农业—the “domestication” of nature—was 的first step toward achieving 的man-made environment of gardens. Various objects 上 display that depict 的ritual watering of potted plants 和 sacred trees (e.g., a schist vase fragment from 的Louvre, probably of 的22nd century B.C.E.3)显示了美索不达米亚社会的宗教信仰,植被和水的重要性。本节中的一项特殊待遇是重建苏美尔犁,并配有分配种子的附件,以及一个工作模型,说明用于灌溉巴比伦空中彩票app下载官网下载的可能装置,巴比伦空中彩票app下载官网下载是古代世界七大奇观之一。认为是尼布甲尼撒二世(604)建造的彩票app下载官网下载–在南皇宫(公元前562年),这很可能是真实的,因为巴比伦皇家彩票app下载官网下载的存在已在公元前三千年至第二千年的楔形文字中得到证明。4 The irrigation model shows two water-lifting devices: 的water wheel 和 的so-called Archimedean screw, whose invention 和 application is attributed to Archimedes in classical sources but appears to have been in use in Mesopotamia by 的time of Sennacherib (705/704–681 B.C.E.).5

的 section devoted to 的Greek world 和 的“Gardens of 的Gods” is also compelling. Images of Greek sanctuaries 和 associated plants (known either through archaeological data or literary texts), appear 上 a screen accompanied by voice-over narration augmenting a selection of Greek vases with scenes connected to 的world of gardens (e.g., 的fourth-century B.C.E. red-figure squat lekythos from 的Badisches Landesmuseum [fig. 3],6 which alludes to 的Athenian feast of Adonis 和 的ritual planting of seeds in pots that were placed 上 的roofs of houses). This section also features five fragmentary terracotta pinakes from 的Sanctuary of Persphone at Locri Epizephiri in Magna Graecia.7

However, in a few instances, explanations necessary for 的proper comprehension of artifacts 和 their contexts are omitted. For example, in 的section 上 Greek gardens, a Campanian red-figure calyx krater of ca. 380 B.C.E. from 的Louvre that depicts 的arrival of Odysseus at Alcinoos’ court introduces a discussion of 的mythical gardens of Alcinoos in 首页r’s 奥德赛 (7.112–32). 这些gardens, planted with herbs, vegetables, vines, 和 many kinds of fruit trees such as fig, olive, 和 pomegranate, embody 的ideal Greek garden 和 symbolize blissful abundance. 的 scene 上 this vase is actually a parody referring to 的comic stage, as 的setting 和 clothing of 的figures clearly indicate, though this aspect is not explained in 的accompanying label.8 缺少信息的另一个例子是在罗马彩票app下载官网下载的一节中,在那幅来自Vettii宅邸彩票app下载官网下载的著名的公元一世纪CE大理石雕像Priapus应当伴随着对Priapus是谁以及为什么将他的雕像放置在其中的解释。彩票app下载官网下载。如果不知道,除了象征性地表现出生育能力之外,这位神是彩票app下载官网下载及其水果对付小偷的保管人,他威胁要用鸡奸来惩罚那些屡次从彩票app下载官网下载偷走的人,在罗马彩票app下载官网下载中存在这个男性人物。阴茎比例过大的人,至少可以说令人困惑。 9

A highlight among 的reconstructions is 的working model of 上e of 的肺炎 mentioned by 苍鹭 of Alexandria in his treatise 上 pneumatics of 的first century C.E. He described various machines in which 的principles of air, water, 和 steam pressure were applied.10 For this exhibition, 上e of 的most famous devices described by 苍鹭 (肺炎 1.15, 2.4), a 唱歌喷泉, was reconstructed. It operates by 的movement of water from an upper basin to a lower 上e, forcing air into a pipe that is connected to a bronze bird 上 a branch; 的air is then forced into 的bird’的身体并通过口中的哨声繁殖出一只鸟’twitter。从庞贝城借来的栖息鸟类的青铜器可能与这种唱歌喷泉相关联(fig. 4)。 11

的 section 上 的elaborate 霍蒂 of Rome features a selection of 的marble statues discovered in these gardens, which also contained luxurious residences (fig. 5)。的 霍蒂 would benefit from additional explanation here. It is not clear how their impressive statuary fits into 的general layout or how 的霍蒂 were even used. Among 的sculptures 上 display in this section, 的marble statue of a wounded deer from 的Capitoline Museum–Centrale Montemartini(罗马)值得一提。12 This fragmentary group originally must have included 的goddess Artemis, as is indicated by 的preserved sandaled foot. 的 execution of this piece, discovered in 1873 上 的Esquiline, is exquisite, 和 的artist finely mastered 的rendition of anatomical details. Because of its stylistic characteristics 和 quality, this statue is considered to be a Hellenistic original.

In 的section 上 townhouses 和 gardens from Pompeii, it is rewarding to see that 的two bronze putti of 的first century C.E.—each of which holds a duck 和 grapes 和 belongs to fountains in 的garden of 的House of 的Vettii—已返回公众视野。13 These statues, together with others found in this garden, were displayed in their original context but were stolen in 1978, causing 的removal of 的other original pieces 和 their subsequent replacement with copies. 的 stolen putti were recovered in 1980, unfortunately in fragments, 和 had to undergo long 和 difficult restorations. This section also displays, as an example of 的frescoes depicting gardens, 的beautiful Julio-Claudian paintings from 的House of 的Golden Bracelet in Pompeii (Insula VI.17.42).14

在这一部分中,对象证明了使这种彩票app下载官网下载得以实现的底层技术,从而补充了装置中对古代技术的强调,例如在歌唱喷泉的重建中。在庞贝城发现的物体,例如铅和陶瓷水管,压力泵的零件或液压阀,可以保证房屋的安全’的供水,因此可以灌溉彩票app下载官网下载并通过喷泉和池塘美化它们。不幸的是,当我访问庞贝城的D. Octavius Quartio之家(Insula II.2.2。[也称为Loreius Tiburtinus之家])的详细模型时,我的工作不正常。这本来可以证明彩票app下载官网下载复杂的水景功能的正常运行,包括长长的浅水池或euripus。但是,展览中的视频’的网站提供了这些功能的动画三维建模。15 The area also features some agricultural tools 和 typical planting pots, 的百日草,位于庞贝城,由Cato(农业. 52.133) 和 Pliny 的Elder (HN 12.16、17.64)。

展览的第二部分是对两个公元前庞贝古城围墙彩票app下载官网下载的全面户外重建,是一个美妙的结局。它使游客可以了解Limonaia在室内显示的一些物体的原始设置,并体验古老彩票app下载官网下载的氛围。从周围门廊的地板到植物和铅管,整个重建过程都得到了特别的关注,在重建维蒂之家时,这些水将水注入各个工作喷泉。 Vettii房屋的彩票app下载官网下载装饰着大量的大理石,这些大理石被放置在橄榄石风格的立柱间。在开挖过程中,从原来的12个喷泉中发现了9个带喷水器的喷泉,这些喷泉直接注入8个大理石盆地。访客可以在彩票app下载官网下载里的门廊中漫步,欣赏对称花坛和雕像的各种美景。与1800年代后期接受调查的维蒂宫不同,画家在工作中被选作第二次重建(参见 fig. 2), allows 的presentation of a garden that was excavated recently with modern archaeological techniques. Thus, it was possible to identify 的original plants through 的analysis of pollen 和 other vegetal remains. 这些plants include 荔枝 (the flowers of which were used to make ritual garlands), rose 和 juniper bushes, 和 vines. Most of 的plants in this garden were not exclusively ornamental but had various practical uses in daily life, from cooking to pharmacology.

的re are two particularly praiseworthy initiatives that accompany this exhibition. First, guided tactile visits organized in cooperation with 的Florentine section of Unione Italiana Ciechi allow 的visually impaired to experience 的beauty of ancient gardens through scent, sound, 和 touch. Second is a beautifully designed Web site that includes a virtual tour of 的show 和 contains photographs of 的artifacts, videos of Pompeian houses, 和 three-dimensional computer-generated models.16 它是用于教学和研究的有用资源,我希望它仍可在线获得。这位学者非常感兴趣的是,与这次展览一起,佛罗伦萨的Storia della Scienza博物馆已经提供了重要的作品供在线咨询或通过该网站上的虚拟图书馆下载。它包括其收藏中的历史书籍的数字复制品,例如1589年的版本和乔瓦尼·巴蒂斯塔·阿莱奥蒂(Giovanni Battista Aleotti)对亚历山大苍鹭作品的翻译,以及1534年普林尼(Pliny)的意大利语翻译’s 自然历史.

本次展览随附的书籍中,有许多作者的贡献,它们阐明了展览中提出的主题,并且还包含一个适当的目录,其中包含各个条目和所显示对象的书目参考。该出版物有精美的彩色插图,制作精美。与展览中强调罗马时期的情况一样,目录中为罗马主题的文章保留的空间比其他时期更大。由于该展览是对罗马彩票app下载官网下载和彩票app下载官网下载特定方面(例如建筑,雕塑装饰和植物区系)的最新研究的全面综合,因此,为该书卷撰稿的各种撰稿人都是活跃于古代彩票app下载官网下载研究的作者也就不足为奇了,17 而且其中一些为以前的彩票app下载官网下载展览做出了贡献。18 While earlier shows have focused 上 individual types of gardens (e.g., 上e 上 的results of 的excavations in 的Vigna Barberini by 的French School at Rome, 上e 上 的exhibition 上 的Horti Lamiani held in 1996 at Palazzo dei Conservatori, Rome),19 the installation in 的Limonaia of 的Boboli Gardens offers a more comprehensive treatment of gardens in antiquity.

的 seminal studies 上 this topic remain 格里马尔’s 莱斯·贾丁斯·罗曼斯,于1944年首次出版,20 and Jashemski’s 的 Gardens of Pompeii, Herculaneum 和 的Villas Destroyed by Vesuvius.21 Grimal’对罗马彩票app下载官网下载的各个方面和表现形式的深刻见解仍然是学习古代彩票app下载官网下载的起点,但是我们对罗马彩票app下载官网下载及其植物的科学知识归功于Jashemski’在维苏威地区的调查中,结合了地层学方法,花粉分析和根系研究。近年来,考古学已经能够收集维苏威地区保存完好的区域之外的彩票app下载官网下载信息。除了确定装饰图案和种类之外,这些调查还揭示了在古代创建装饰彩票app下载官网下载所付出的努力,以及由此产生的劳动力和资本投资,例如彩票app下载官网下载泳池综合体的罗马彩票app下载官网下载和佩特拉的大庙宇及其先进的灌溉系统或为解决古代Sinuessa境内Bagni Sulfurei海上别墅彩票app下载官网下载中的海水渗透问题而采用的技术解决方案。22 References to notable earthworks 和 engineering interventions can be found in 的exhibition with regard to 的results of very recent archaeological investigations in part of 的Gardens of Sallust. 的 exhibition catalogue features an overview of these results by Piranomonte, 的director of 的investigation,23 and 的show displays four of 的Dressel 2/4 amphoras that were found buried 上e 上 top of 的other to form two 列 7 m high to serve drainage purposes.24 These “columns”分别位于两条竖井或井眼附近,这两条竖井或井眼通向水平隧道,其高度低于油罐。但是,除了排水功能外,该设备的确切使用和操作在本文中未作解释。重要问题仍未得到解答。壶瓶的底部是为了形成一条收集雨水的管道而被切开的,还是整个船只都剩下了?下通道的功能是什么?显然是通过竖井进入的,这些竖井削减了油灯的台阶和壁ni?

Liberati的文章虽然简短,但却做出了有益的贡献。25 通过分析罗马法律文献中讨论的不同案例,可以窥见露台和屋顶彩票app下载官网下载,庭院,甚至阳台上的花瓶在城市环境中的存在。这种方法—从罗马法的角度以及在孤立的背景下它对彩票app下载官网下载的关注来看,无论这些彩票app下载官网下载有多小—这似乎是对古代园林景观的新贡献,因为文学和考古学研究都倾向于将重点放在更大,更具有纪念意义的例子上。展览中包含了罗马世界文化博物馆(EUR)罗马文明博物馆(Ostia)的绝缘模型,该模型由Italo Gismondi于1930年代实现,但并未适当说明它引起了绿色区域和植物的出现。在多层住宅中。26 Here, a presentation of 的so-called Garden Houses in Ostia is warranted, but no mention of these complexes is made in 的exhibition.

迪帕斯夸莱’s essay, which puts 的technological devices presented in 的show (e.g., 苍鹭’的喷泉)融入其原始背景,是另一受欢迎的贡献。27 本文讨论了在亚历山大博物馆举行的研究,该研究揭示了关于气动原理的古代实验与医学和生物学领域的研究之间的联系。迪·帕斯夸莱(Di Pasquale)还揭示了科学知识的进步与在博物馆世界之外的传播之间的联系,这使在彩票app下载官网下载或彩票app下载官网下载设施中使用精密的设备成为整个罗马世界精英自我代表的一种表达。卷末的一般参考书目可以防止每篇文章结尾处的单个参考书目造成的无用重复。28

的 exhibition successfully presents various characteristics of ancient gardens, moving from 的practical aspects of vegetable gardens to 的ideological dimensions of royal 和 imperial parks. Just as Pliny (HN 19.49–51) connected 的Hanging Gardens of Babylon, 首页r’s garden of Alcinoos, 和 的gardens of 的Roman aristocracy,29 this show presents ancient gardens in 的Mesopotamian 和 classical worlds in a way that allows 的visitor to follow their emergence 和 development, as well as their ideological 和 technical aspects. Minor shortcomings 和 omissions do not subtract from 的general merit of 的exhibition installed in 的Boboli Gardens, which, along with its catalogue, presents a useful 和 inspiring overview of significant aspects of garden studies that have developed in recent years.

36 Beaumont Street
Oxford OX1 2PG
United Kingdom

* This review is dedicated to 的memory of Wilhelmina Jashemski.


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  • 1. 庞贝监察长没有55403、55404(di Pasquale和Paolucci 2007、284 –85,没有3.B.30、3.B.31)。 sc骨 are marble discs carved 上 each side or fashioned in 的shape of theatrical masks. 的y were hung between 的列 of 的peristyles surrounding 的gardens.
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安娜丽莎·马尔扎诺(Annalisa Marzano)

美国考古学杂志 卷112,第2号(2008年4月)

在线发布于 www.ajaonline.org/online-review-museum/375

DOI:10.3764 / ajaonline1122.Marzano