The Life and Work of Francis Willey 凯尔西: Archaeology, Antiquity, and the Arts

The Life and Work of Francis Willey 凯尔西: Archaeology, Antiquity, and the Arts

约翰·格里菲斯·佩德利(John Griffiths Pedley)。 Pp。 xi + 468,无花果36.密歇根大学出版社,安阿伯,2012年。75美元。 ISBN 978-0-472-11802-1(布)。


Francis 凯尔西, of the University of Michigan, was an extremely important founding figure in the disciplines of American classics and classical archaeology. He led the creation of what has become 上 e of the most important classical programs in America. He gathered much of the archaeological, epigraphic, and papyrological materials that today form the University of Michigan antiquities collections. He organized and raised funds for key early American excavations in the Mediterranean, and especially for Karanis in Egypt. He was active in the emerging American archaeological profession, serving for many years as both secretary and president of the 美国考古研究所.

凯尔西(Kelsey)是美国考古先驱,与查尔斯·埃利奥特·诺顿(Charles Eliot Norton)或在普林斯顿和约翰·霍普金斯大学建立古典考古计划的一代人一样重要。但是他鲜为人知。可能有两个原因。首先是,凯尔西(Kelsey)并非那位接受早期学术研究的人的一部分“professional”德国传统的考古培训。确实,他的教育,甚至是语言学,都被认为是过时的,作为考古学家,他基本上是自学成才的。从背景,教育甚至思想上讲,他都不是东方学术精英的一部分。他来自中西部的公立大学传统,其对美国古典文学和古典考古学的贡献仍未得到充分重视。佩德利(Pedley)提供了一部传记,内容详尽,可在其个人和机构背景下追溯其生活。在过渡的关键时刻,这是对我们对美国古典世界的理解的重要贡献。作为传记而不是综合研究,它提供了对这一时刻的不完整见解的重要信息。

Born in 1858 and raised near Rochester, New York, 凯尔西 received all his advanced education at the University of Rochester. His B.A. concentration was classics, but the university provided an overall program more broad based than that found in many mid 19th-century institutions. While he later received an M.A. and a Ph.D. from Rochester, they appear to have been degrees more honorific than academic. He had little of the rigorous, “Germanic”式的高级正规教育,这已成为美国学者日益期望的方式。他从罗切斯特(Rochester)搬到伊利诺伊州的莱克福里斯特大学(Lake Forest University),然后在1889年搬到了密歇根大学(University of Michigan),在那里度过了余生。

Kelsey’老师学习的重点是拉丁文学习。他定期教授拉丁文,并出版拉丁文作者的校本。他与学校老师紧密合作,并确保密歇根州继续接受中学教育。他很早就对凯撒产生了兴趣,这使他转向了历史研究。他赞赏插图和物质文化对理解罗马的过去并在教室中生动再现过去的价值。他扩大了密歇根州演员阵容,购买了铭文,并获得了大量古代遗址的照片。对庞贝的早期迷恋导致了与Mau的合作,Mau在该网站上制作了经典的英语手册( 庞贝城:其生活与艺术 [纽约和伦敦,1899年]。

In Ann Arbor, 凯尔西's multifaceted personality flourished. He is best remembered today as the creator of the museum collection that bears his name. The Michigan holdings, especially those from Karanis, were largely the result of 凯尔西’的努力。他赞赏东地中海最后殖民时代提供的收购机会。他赞助了挖掘活动,但也与经销商和私人收藏家合作,在密歇根州创建了世界上最重要的纸莎草收藏之一。他赞赏产生奖学金的重要性,他的努力使密歇根州成为学术出版领域的先驱。


Kelsey’s style was not that of a dreamy academic, but of a driven, turn-of-the-century entrepreneur. His energy and hard work were impressive. He traveled constantly in pursuit of his goals. Indeed, his frenetic pace probably contributed to a relatively early death. His attitude fitted in with that of the capitalists who were creating the great midwestern industrial base. They turned to him for advice and made use of his astute mind and worldly knowledge. One of the most interesting if unexpected parts of this biography concerns 凯尔西’s involvement with mining ventures in Mexico. The capitalists in turn appreciated 凯尔西 and contributed generously to his projects. He encouraged them in their own humanistic pursuits. Among his closest associates was the collector Charles Freer.


由像凯尔西这样的坚强人格形成的综合档案馆的问题在于,传记作家可能会成为其学科的囚徒。佩德利在某种程度上已经发生了这种情况。结果更多“life and letters”在19世纪,比传记更能将其主题放在更大的范围内。关于凯尔西(Kelsey)成长和受过教育的世界,鲜有报道。当时的罗切斯特大学有什么与众不同的地方?在Kelsey时代,关于密歇根大学的人员和政策的叙述很多,但是在密歇根州或大型公立大学的更广阔的发展中,这几十年的重要性并不大。东方精英阶层对经典研究历史的重视忽略了公共机构,特别是中西部地区的公共机构在创建独特的美国经典研究世界中的作用。凯尔西(Kelsey)传记是将学者置身于环境中的理想时机,而其中的一些机会却被错过了。

Still, Pedley deserves our thanks for telling this important scholarly story of a fascinating figure. Recent writings 上 the history of classical archaeology and the opening of a renewed 凯尔西 Museum in Ann Arbor have reminded us of the rich contributions of a scholar who had become more an obscure name than a living academic presence. It is also important at a time when public universities are under siege to be reminded of their rich contributions to the legacy of American scholarship and education.

Stephen Dyson

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