Greek City Walls of 的 Archaic Period, 900–480 BC

Greek City Walls of 的 Archaic Period, 900–480 BC

作者:Rune Frederiksen(牛津经典考古专论)。 Pp。 xxx + 238,无花果。 114,表15,地图4.牛津大学出版社,牛津,2011年。$ 170。 ISBN 978-0-19-957812-2(布)。


This book, based 上 a Ph.D. 的sis defended at 的 University of Copenhagen in 2004, is a most welcome addition to 的 archaeological studies of 城墙s. Frederiksen tries to fill a gap in 的 studies 上 fortifications of 的 Archaic period, since almost nothing has been published 上 this topic. However, this elegant volume 上 ly partly fills 的 lacuna.

实际上,本书所涵盖的内容比其标题要广泛。在本书的前半部分,作者不仅论述了从铁器时代到古希腊时期的防御工事和城墙研究的不同方面,而且还将讨论的一部分专门讨论了北极星与城墙之间的关系。本书的后半部分专门介绍了防御工事的目录。在介绍性章节之后(1–7)总结了古城墙的研究历史,第二章清点了不同类型的防御工事,并提出了城邦与防御工事之间关系的根本问题。我更喜欢用希腊语“polis” instead of “city,” since 的 latter’s的含义在所有语言中都不相同。英文表达“city wall”本身提出了一个问题,我们宁可说“town walls” or “urban fortification”因为这些墙主要保护了 阿斯图 or urban center of a 波利斯, or sometimes a secondary built-up area 和 even 期刊 集聚。

尽管作者提到了汉森’s studies 上 的 Greek 波利斯, he makes some questionable statements. For example, it is difficult to conclude that “the 波利斯 与这些早期的城墙同时出现” (e.g., Asine, Eretria, Megara Hyblaea, Old Smyrna) (9). Asking if 的 building of 的 first 城墙s is contemporaneous with 的 emergence of 的 波利斯 (the institution) is not 的 same thing as asking if 的se first 城墙s were contemporaneous with 的 first urban 集聚。 Although recent studies in Sicily (H. Tréziny in M. Gras等, Mégara Hyblaea. 飞行。 5 La ville archaïque: L’espace urbain d’une cité东方希腊文 [罗马2004] 237–301)表明,一些古老的城镇可能在其成立之初就已经设防了,尽管并非如此,但并非所有的西希腊城市或希腊大陆都如此。此外,在古典时期,并非所有设防的有人居住区都是北极星:例如拉科尼亚人或塞萨洛人 期刊 towns, which belonged to 的 波利斯 of Sparta or Pharsale, were fortified but were not poleis 的mselves.

第3章(20–40) examines 城墙s 和 attestations of actual fortified poleis in 的 written records 和 的 visual arts 和 gives a useful inventory of 的 different meanings of 的 words Teichos皮尔戈斯,以及源自的动词和形容词 Teichos. Although 的 author acknowledges that 首页ric references to walls are difficult to interpret, he believes that occurrences of 的 term Teichos in 的 archaic 和 classical literature give a reliable picture of 的 situation in archaic times.

第四章(41–9), 的 author deals with 的 preservation of 城墙s 和 的 different methods of destruction (e.g., expansion, reconstruction, natural disaster) that occurred from antiquity to modern times. He suggests that 的 complete destruction of archaic 城墙s explains why it is commonly noted that Greek poleis were not protected by walls before classical 和 Hellenistic times; he believes that archaic fortifications could be found under all later remains of 城墙s.

The archaeology of 城墙s is presented in chapter 5 (50–61), which inventories 的 different types of 城市设防s 和 的ir components but says very little about towers 和 gates or building techniques. This chapter will thus not replace Winter’s 希腊防御工事 (London 1971) 上 的 subject; nevertheless, 的 descriptions of several walls from 的 Classical period complements McNicolls’ Hellenistic Fortifications from 的 Aegean to 的 Euphrates (Oxford 1997)。

第六章(62–9) discusses 的 dating of 城墙s—工事研究中的一个关键问题。作者认为,可以通过外部证据和砌体样式来确定墙壁的日期(为支持最后的说法,插图会很有用)。在这里,我们发现了一个严重的方法论问题。作者正确地指出“尝试将砖石风格的发展与绝对年代相关联的尝试失败了,R.L。Scranton’s book [希腊墙 (Cambridge 1941)]被严厉批评”(64)。而且,尽管对各种砖石风格进行比较对于在一个设防线路上建立相对年代或对与一堵已开挖过的另一堵墙相比拟定一堵墙的日期可能是有用的,但很难同意斯克兰顿’s “这本书仍然是研究古希腊城墙建筑的基本工具”(64)。应该记住的是,砌体样式的选择首先是技术上和经济上的选择。此外,样式适合墙的部分功能:例如,多边形样式更能有效地承受土壤压力,并且在梯田墙壁上比在两面式幕墙上更常见,这解释了为什么从古时代到罗马时代一直使用这种风格。书面消息来源可以帮助确认在所述事件发生时一堵墙已经存在,但无法准确确定该墙的日期。因此,尽管可以通过考虑不同的要素来确定任何建筑物的日期,但只有地层开挖才能给出绝对准确的日期。

第7章(70–102) contains an interesting synthesis of 的 data assembled in 的 catalogue 和 attempts to answer a number of questions relating to 的 architecture 和 topography of 城墙s before 的 Classical period. The analysis is divided into four periods: Early Iron Age fortification walls (900–公元前700年),七世纪,中古时代(600–公元前550年)和古代晚期(550年) –479 B.C.E.). The author concludes that 的 classical 城墙, with most of its elements, was a continuation of developments that had already taken place in 的 Archaic period (99).

上一章对铁器时代早期和古时代防御工事的发生和分布进行了有趣的讨论(103–20). The author tries to determine how common 城墙s were during 的 Archaic period 和 detects a gradual increase in 的 number of fortified poleis from 的 seventh to 的 early fifth centuries B.C.E. He rightly observes that this gradual increase does not necessarily reveal an increasing preference for fortification, but that it is simply a reflection of 的 growing numbers of poleis during 的 seventh 和 sixth centuries. He concludes that “早期的城墙不能用来追溯 波利斯 从古典意义上讲,但它们可以用来追溯城市化及其背后的诱因” (119). Chapters 7 和 8 are 的 most interesting 上 es; 的y give a real analysis 和 synthesis 上 archaic 城墙s.

The catalogue, which closes 的 volume, presents 132 城墙s, describing each 上 e’s location, construction, 和 components, giving a date, sometimes parallels, 的 sources, 和 bibliography for this fortification, 和 often a map of 的 site with 的 城墙s circuit. This catalogue is comprehensive 和 useful, but some entries could have benefited from updating. For example, in 的 case of Apollonia of Illyria (Albania), more recent publications 上 的 site should have been included, as well as an up-to-date map (e.g., 阿波罗尼亚’Illyrie。飞行。 1, 阿特拉斯拱门é口述与历史。练习曲é冯·杰尔·迪莫(Philips Lenhardt et Fran)çois Quantin [罗马和雅典,2007年] 159–86, fig. 93).

In sum, considering how little has been published regarding archaic 城墙s, 的 publication of this book is noteworthy; nevertheless, because 的 evidence for archaic 城墙s remains meager even with new excavations, it does not substantially improve our knowledge.

这本书’s content is much broader than 的 title suggests: it gives a general view of 的 state of 城墙s 和 all defensive works in Greece at 的 beginning of 的 fifth century B.C.E. 和 more generally in 的 Classical period. As is common with 的 publication of dissertations, 的 discussion is overly simplified 和 broad, explaining at times matters already well known to scholars working 上 fortification or defensive policies of 的 Greek cities. Despite 的se shortcomings, this well-written book, with its useful catalogue 和 a mostly up-to-date bibliography, is a worthy read for any student of fortification studies 和 的 origins of Greek urbanism. Scholars interested in Greek 城墙s of 的 Archaic period will find 的 final two chapters especially interesting.

克莱尔·巴兰迪尔(Claire Balandier)
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的书评 Greek City Walls of 的 Archaic Period, 900–480 BC,作者:Rune Frederiksen

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